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Why am I seeing the inequality and lack of opportunity ?
Why am I wondering "America, where are the promises you kept?!
"You say that all men are created equal but my people are given less treatment than that of the güero!
"You say that there is opportunity, mostly for me but not for my parents!"

Why does my mother have to have sore hands because of cleaning el patron's house so she can obtain her dream?!
Why does my papa have to work under the hot sun, having back pains and such in order to obtain his part of the dream?!
Why does my tío have to marry a U.S. citizen so he can have his papéles?!
Why does my familía have to do all this in order toto have the same opportunity that I have?!
Since SB1070, my people are treated even less.
An attack against my people as if we the filth of the U.S.

We the targets of a mighty race that want us out.                                  
Is it for the color of our skin?!
Are we a threat?!
Were we the reason of the Crash that made you take out my people during the Thirties?!
Were we causing a problem to your sailors when my brothers were wearing their Zoot Suits?!
As well as taking my friends, the Japanese, who were interned for an attack they weren't involved in.
Along with my cousins, the African Americans,
who suffered with my people with the Jim Crow Laws.
With this "Separate but Equal" shit!
Doesn't seem like it!

Why is the hate still around?
As if the Liberty and Justice for all don't seem to matter at all.

Where is the American Dream that my mama y papa are staving for?
Where is the opportunity and equality this "Dream" comes with?

I wonder… is this the pinch sueño,
the dream that is nothing but a boxful of lies that immigrants look for.
I guess… this is some vergüenza the U.S. decides to show…
This was a poem that I did for my U.S. history classHope you guys like it

By :iconsky-nuevalunero:
Iz-Schizoid Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
And this is why I want to move to Guadalajara =/
At least there I'd have the similar physical characteristics and somewhat the same values lost here..
I can make do with speaking the language efficiently...

Racial minorities have always been a threat; I guess it's a matter of playing the "dominant race" game and showing them what we're actually capable of. :P
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November 25, 2012
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